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James E. Novak participates in several legal organizations including The Arizona Attorneys For Criminal Justice, The Association of Trial Lawyers of America, and others. As well as:

National Assoc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers
National College for DUI Defense
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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials
Mr. Novak defended our rights above and beyond what we had hoped for. I will highly recommend him to anyone who faces wrongful charges. I would trust him with my life. He represents the best ethics anyone could ever hope for.
I highly recommend James E. Novak when looking for ambitious legal representation. I am extremely fortunate and grateful to have had Mr. Novak represent my Case. I strongly believe that if it were not for him I would have been robbed of my liberties. He made this burden much easier to bear. Thank you Mr. Novak. I am forever grateful.
There was a charge of DUI imposed. Mr. Novak got charges dismissed. We are very pleased with the outcome of this case and services provided. We will most definitely recommend Mr. Novak’s services to anyone who asks.
I was pulled over 9 days after relocating to Phoenix and given a ticket for suspected DUI. Not knowing what to do or how best to handle the situation I contacted James Novak. He walked me through my situation, the process and the potential outcomes. At the end of the entire process, James got my violation reduced to a reckless driving saving me money, jail time and a year of a car installed breathalyzer. I am thankful that I contacted James. He was responsive, professional and certainly obtained a favorable outcome for me. Thank you James!
James Novak is a highly professional and dedicated Lawyer. Due to his hard work and professional work ethic, a case which I was involved with was closed with a very desirable outcome. Without his unparalleled dedication my case would have been closed with very undesirable outcome.
I recommend Mr. Novak for different reasons. One, I simply did not know what to do without him. Two, he guided me through the process. Finally, because he was able to get my case – charges dismissed. He carries himself well and is very respectful, a good man and a good lawyer.
I had a criminal assault domestic violence charge. I was scared and did not know what to do. I went to Mr. Novak and he got the case dismissed. Very happy with the outcome. Very thankful Mr. Novak was my attorney.
I recommend James Novak as a lawyer. He always makes sure his clients understand the paperwork and things that are going on. Stays in touch and keeps his clients updated on the case he is working on for them.
Mr. Novak was extremely helpful with the handling of my DUI case. He was available every time I contacted him and clearly answered all of my questions. I am extremely satisfied with the service I received. The outcome would not have been possible without him.
When I was initially charged with my DUI charges, friends and family advised my not to seek the representation of a lawyer because they would not be able to help me. I searched for a lawyer online and came across many lawyers and set appointments to meet with three of them; James Novak was the first. After meeting with Mr. Novak I cancelled my appointments and used his services. Upon the first time meeting with him, he has always been very professional, prompt, and has made me feel at ease without over promising me an outcome. I am overly satisfied with the service, and honesty I have received with Mr. Novak. I am also extremely pleased and relieved with the outcome of my case. I will refer and continue to talk about Mr. Novak as he has helped me tremendously. Thank you very much.
I was very pleased with Mr. Novak’s professionalism. His counseling and my outcome. I highly recommend him.
Mr. Novak is one of the most caring and professional attorneys and humans we had the pleasure of working with. His direct and to-the-point nature of communicating with me is refreshing. Being so accessible to him has been so refreshing and comforting.
I recommend Mr. Novak. He got my DUI charges reduced. I am very happy with the outcome.
The outcome of my situation was more pleasing than I expected. James went to the extra mile to assure the best outcome. I greatly appreciated his assistance.
I highly recommend James Novak. He was very helpful and very sincere in handling my case. The DUI was dropped and I would recommend him to anyone who was charged with a DUI.
It is my pleasure to recommend James Novak. Mr. Novak was and has been nothing but professional. He showed professionalism in the court room and out of the court room, his experience in his field was outstanding. He is one of the most trustworthy & honest attorney I have ever met. He is prompt and thorough when dealing with you as a client and helps you through the complicated court system. He was always at court early and I never had to wonder where my attorney was or what was going on. He called me before court and instructed me on my case at all times. On top of being a great attorney, he is truly a “great” person. He treated me and my family with great respect and I thank him for the sincere care he displayed to me and my wife during this trying time. If you are in need of his services I would highly recommend James Novak. He is worth his fees and then some for the expertise you will acquire. He is reliable, hard working, trustworthy and professional; you won’t find another attorney like James. I can’t thank him enough for his services and expertise.