DUI Blood Test

DUI Blood Test

DUI blood tests in Arizona are sometimes performed in order to determine the blood alcohol level of a person suspected of driving under the influence. While blood tests are generally more accurate than breath tests, certain factors can affect their results as well. The state of Arizona uses special kits that involve a vacuum tube coated with chemicals in order to preserve the sample and prevent coagulation.

These kits require the person drawing the blood and the officer present to mix the blood in a tube according to a set protocol. If the blood is drawn incorrectly, if the chemicals are not present in the proper amount, or if the proper protocol is not followed, results will be inaccurate.

Tempe DUI Blood Test Lawyer

At the Law Office of James Novak, our DUI defense team will identify missteps and mistakes that compromise the results of blood tests in Arizona DUI / DWI cases. We have the experience, knowledge, expert witness resources needed to challenge blood test results. Additionally, James Novak's experience as a prosecutor and technical background can prove useful in finding weaknesses in what is often the key component of the case against you.

For more information about how we can help you challenge blood test results in cases involving drunk driving or drugged driving charges, contact Arizona DUI defense attorney James Novak today. We represent clients in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, and throughout all of Maricopa County, Arizona. Call (480) 413-1499 for a free consultation and learn about your defense options.

What is Involved in a DUI Blood Test?

If you agree to a blood test in relation to suspicion for DUI, only a person trained in blood withdrawal can take a blood sample. The person responsible should be careful not to allow alcohol from a swab to contaminate the blood drawn. If a NIK kit is used, the person taking the sample is supposed to mix the blood by rotating the tube end to end 5 times. Afterwards, the officer present is instructed to take the tube and rotate it an additional 20 times. In both cases, the sample should not be shaken but gently rotated back and forth to allow for a proper mixing of the blood.

What Could Compromise the Accuracy of the Results?

Any number of things can go wrong in a blood test:

  • The NIK kit could be expired
  • Rubbing alcohol could contaminate the blood sample
  • Too much preservative in the vacuum tube could result in an inaccurate reading
  • Lab technicians could mix in too much salt, which will artificially inflate results
  • Results could be inflated if only blood serum or plasma is tested instead of whole blood
Challenging the Prosecution

Every Arizona DUI arrest and every police officer is different. Our DUI defense carefully reviews the specifics of your Arizona DUI arrest, how blood was drawn, the chain of evidence, and whether the lab has undertaken quality control measures to ensure the accuracy of its tests. When necessary, we consult with lab technicians, chemical analysts, and forensic specialists in defending our client’s innocence.

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